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"Beach Runner" wrote in message
. ..

Laurie was a research scientist from Monsanto.
She, like me is attempting to use he group for what is is
listed as.
Laurie wrote:

ROTLMAO What a hoot!!! Laurie is a HE, fool. Just another
girlie wannabe.

"usual suspect" wrote in message

Larry Fruity wrote:

Your shit stinks, too. Get over it.


Your shit stinks, Larry. You may think it smells like roses
but nobody else does.

You seem to have your quotes in error; a good indication
of the lack of logical structure in your mental processes in
general; however, it is common *experience* with vegetarians
that their body, breath, fecal, menstrual, and urine odors
decrease markedly with time after eliminating most animal
YOU have NO dietary EXPERIENCE beyond your childhood
cultural programming by ignorant parents who had no interest
in their health at all, so you babble like an idiot and
continue to embarrass yourself with the profundity of your
Why don't you ever get tired of making a fool out of
yourself in public? What do you have to gain by acting like a
psychopath? I am sure we all would like to know.
Vegans, eating NO animal protein, have NO inherent odors,
especially raw vegans, except if they are eating too much
Excess nuts/seeds contain too much protein and fats to be
digested properly, since our true protein needs are ~1/3% of
the entire diet.
Excess nuts/seeds, indeed excess protein from ANY source,
will result in undigested proteins putrefying in the colon due
to bacterial action to produce those characteristic amine
odors: indole, skatole, cadaverine, putrescine, in addition to
H2S, that famous "rotten egg" odor. This is simple
biochemistry, and you can not negate it! You will ignore it
to your on determent, but you can not negate it with current
scientific understanding.
You will, no doubt, continue to ignore real science in the
service of your Neanderthal lifestyle, diet, and intellect.