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Default "SuperMarket Me" - A documentary on my health problems from eating supermarket food

"Nancy Young" wrote in message
Julianne wrote:

I agree that the public morality took things to extremes with both drunk
driving and child molestation. What concerns me now is the push to

the legal limit from 1.0 to 0.8 for DWI. I'm not saying it is a bad

but I have yet to find compelling evidence that accidents happen in the
0.8 - 1.0 range that are directly related to alcohol.

It's gotten to be too extreme. You're right, if I have 2 glasses of
wine even over say 3 hours, I bet I'm legally drunk now. I promise
I would not be even remotely a danger to any other motorist or
pedestrian. None. Just a criminal.
I guess MADD controls a lot of votes.

And I would be surprised if most MADD members never drove over .08.

Society in general learned a lot from the McMartin case. While it is

that children are not inherently dishonest, it is a fact that small

will try desperately to please adults. They can be led and they are
convicted in their beliefs once they are planted.

That was a terrible thing. And that wasn't the only case, as I'm
sure you know. How many lives ruined by hysterical people.

Having said both things, drunk driving (a national past time to which I

two brothers in one night)

I cannot believe that happened to you, I'm so sorry. Like saying I'm
sorry helps, but, wow.

Oddly, enough, it does help. Thank you. See my previous post to Wendy.

There are always extremes. As you can imagine, I cannot think of anything
more irresponsible than getting behind the wheel of a car and driving when I
am impaired. It doesn't happen often but occasionally, I have had a few
drinks on an empty stomach and seriously questioned my ability to drive. On
those occasions, I got another ride home. But, like you said, there are
many times when I have probably been 'legally' drunk. My darling BF and I
like to meet at a martini bar occasionally. I will have a couple of glasses
of wine. I would most likely be 'legally' drunk after two glasses of wine.

My original post had to deal with fast food and how it has become such an
intregal part of our society that we seldom think of it as being harmful.
Driving while intoxicated was not a big deal 20 years ago. It was very
important that the general public become educated to the dangers.
Meanwhile, there are the militants who have devoted their lives to a
campaign against drunk driving. Now, that they have a victory, there is
little purpose left in their lives unless they tighten the reins even
further. While their mission may have been truly in the interest of society
when it began, it has evolved into a self serving campaign to justify their
existance. I imagine that when fast food places offer alternative meals in
addition to fat laden, unhealthy choices, the fast food militants will
insist that only food they approve of will be on the menu!

And this is from someone who lost two brothers from drunk driving!