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Vox Humana
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On 2005-07-25 14:58:08 -0400, "Vox Humana" said:

I find the best results come from a combination of butter and solid
shortening. This gives a very flavorful crust that flaky, tender, and

to handle.

that's what I've been using. But just a couple tbspns butter per crust.
what have you found is a good ratio?

I like to use 6 oz butter and 2 oz. shortening for 2 cups of flour. If it
is very hot outside, I might use 4 oz butter and 4 oz shortening. The flour
is a blend of 1.5 cups AP and 0.5 cups cake. I use about 1/2 tsp salt (and
2 tablespoons of sugar if it is desert pastry) along with enough water to
make a dough. I use the butter directly from the freezer and make the
pastry in my food processor.