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Gunther Anderson
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Von Fourche wrote:

Ok, one last question: Where in the heck do I find Orgeat (almond

I've looked and looked in Wal-Mart and a couple of other grocery stores
but I can not find this stuff. I want it to make a Mai Tai. I read on the
net that it might be found near the coffee products. I found other syrup
like vanilla and cherry, but have not found Orgeat/almond syrup yet. What
do I do? Where do I go? Do liquor stores carry this stuff?

Some liquor stores do. Call around and ask. I find exotic syrups like
that (from makers like Torani and Monin) at exotic imported foods stores
and high-end liquor stores that have a deli section. You can certainly
find them on the net, but as for finding them locally, hit the phone
book for imported food stores.

Good luck,
Gunther Anderson