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Gunther Anderson
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Von Fourche wrote:

I'm just wondering if you can make drinkable and enjoyable drinks using
bottled lime or is it basically a big no no. I might as well buy a lime
squeezer and squeeze my own limes since they are so cheap to begin with.

Sure you can use bottled juice in drinks. It won't ruin it. You might
not even be able to tell the difference. If you're a professional
bartender, customers like to see a real lime in their drinks, but they
can't tell the difference. Especially by the third one...

Another question - some drinks call for a dash or two of something, like
grenadine. How do you measure a dash?

Somebody standardized a dash to be 1/8 of a teaspoon, but I think you're
going overboard here. There is no such thing as a perfect drink recipe.
In all cases, you should mentally add "adjust to taste" after every
ingredient and every step. In a real-world drink recipe, a dash of some
fluid is a splash oof it, just enough to make a minor contribution, but
not enough to change the overall flavor. Splash a little in your drink,
and the next trime, try a larger or smaller splash. Eventually you'll
get it just right, to your taste.

I might try my hand at a tequila sunrise this weekend. The instructions
I have say:

1. 1/23oz tequila
2. 5oz fresh orange juice
3. 2 dash of grenadine

I have the tequila and grenadine. I thought I would just buy orange
juice in a carton or gallon to use since I'm a newbie to mixing drinks.

I sure hope that's not 1/23 of an ounce - that's not much tequila...
But yeah, fixating on specific kinds of orange juce (fresh versus
carton, navel versus tangelo, Florida versus California) is such a minor
consideration. You'll be find using Tropicana OJ, and just a splash or
two of grenadine. My best advice is practice and experimentation. At
the very least, you get to drink all your failures...

Gunther Anderson