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Default "SuperMarket Me" - A documentary on my health problems from eating supermarket food

On Thu, 29 Jan 2004 11:05:33 -0600, "Julianne" wrote:

I think the film maker putting out 'Supersize Me' at the Canne's film
festival was actually trying to make a statement about society in general
and the fact that many people don't really consider the health dangers of
eating unhealthy everyday. Big Macs and Meatlover's pizza have become an
every day part of life for many Americans and I think the documentary's
bizarre experiment was designed to shed light on how we overlook the dangers
of fast food because it has become so woven into our lifestyle.

It is interesting to contrast what people eat today with what was the norm for
my middle class family growing up: three meals a day, each with a protein, a
veggie and some bread, and a snack before bed. Cake, pie, pizza, and any fast or
restaurant food was a special treat with maybe a monthly appearance.

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