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Maxim Voronov
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You can try some of Adagio's black teas. They have nice sampler sizes,
so you can try a bunch of different ones. I'm very impressed with the
quality of the leaf for the price. The keemuns, in particular, are
very good. Keemun Mao Feng is nice sweeter and somewhat chocolaty. Or
Keemun Hao Ya, if you like a more smoky, somewhat pine-like flavor.
Also, you can try Golden Monkey -- a bit more full-bodied, more
chocolaty and less smoky than a keemun.

My current tastes are as follows:

Hu-Kwa Lapsang Souchong by Mark T. Wendell (my favorite blend).

Republic of Tea Moroccan Mint

Prince of Wales Keemun by Twinings

I used to have Twinings Earl Grey...but I found that the bergamot was
giving me migraines.