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Mike Fulton wrote:

Attempting to wean myself from coffee completely in the mornings, I am
trying to find a good breakfast tea. I cannot abide Twinings English
Breakfast, I have given thought to Taylors of Harrogate's Scottish
Breakfast (which certainly appeals to my Scottish heritage!) What is
the difference between a Scottish Breakfast and an English Breakfast?
Should I not even bother with the Scottish Breakfast and try a Oolong?

My current tastes are as follows:

Hu-Kwa Lapsang Souchong by Mark T. Wendell (my favorite blend).
Republic of Tea Moroccan Mint
Prince of Wales Keemun by Twinings

My guess is you might like a Yunnan. A nice, flavorful Yunnan
for breakfast is Upton's Yunnan GFOP (ZY40 in their catalog
numbering system). It is also very modestly priced.

As you have a Keemun on your list, you could also try their
Keemun Mao Feng (ZK98), which is an absolutely superb tea,
about twice the price of the ZY40, but still less than 10
cents per gram.