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Mike Fulton
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Default Breakfast Teas

Attempting to wean myself from coffee completely in the mornings, I am
trying to find a good breakfast tea. I cannot abide Twinings English
Breakfast, I have given thought to Taylors of Harrogate's Scottish
Breakfast (which certainly appeals to my Scottish heritage!) What is
the difference between a Scottish Breakfast and an English Breakfast?
Should I not even bother with the Scottish Breakfast and try a Oolong?

My current tastes are as follows:

Hu-Kwa Lapsang Souchong by Mark T. Wendell (my favorite blend).

Republic of Tea Moroccan Mint

Prince of Wales Keemun by Twinings

I used to have Twinings Earl Grey...but I found that the bergamot was
giving me migraines.