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Wayne Boatwright
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On Thu 14 Jul 2005 05:00:46p, Ceil Wallace wrote in

When I make streusel using butter, flour, sugar (brown or white) and
cinnamon it never comes out like the streusel I get on cakes and buns
from the bakery. Mine gets a bit crisp while the bakery streusel is
nice and soft and is formed in little round clumps rather than loose and
granular like mine. Is there a specific technique or what am I doing

The bakery is probably using vegetable shortening which gives a less crisp
texture than butter. They may also be using less sugar.

You also need to learn when to stop cutting the fat into the flour/sugar
mixture. It is at this stage when the size and shape of the crumbs/clumps
are formed. Too much cutting in can result in a texture more like sand.

What ratio of flour, sugar, butter are you using?

I use 2:2:1, but I do use butter because I don't mind a certain amount
crispness. I stop cutting in the butter when the particles are no smaller
than large peas with some that are larger. There will always be some
small crumbs.


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