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Default Tea on CCTV

I caught a brief shot of tea on CCTV. It was during a festival and
nine teacups were lined to fit on a tray so they wouldn't slide around.
The saucer was added when handed to the guest. The teapot which
looked like 500ml was purple with no lid and stains on the side,spout
and rim from use. It could be the lid was used just for brewing
because the pot was almost vertical draining every drop. I thought
interesting the tiny amount of tea in each cup but the pot was full of
georgeous pregnant fluffy large whole leaves. It reminded me of my
occasional bush in a pot. The Chinese don't drink tea they just sip
and fuss around. I'm finishing a third sample of Luan Melon Slices
from as many different vendors. It looks distinctive as dry leaf but
the melon no bigger than an acorn with too many broken slices for my
taste. I wished it would flourish more in the pot. In fact it is
almost lifeless. The taste is a nice and mild with ever so slight
fresh cut grass scent with a little dryness but no astringency. I'd
have to fork out $25/250g and the shipping from China so hopefully
Santa won't forget me at Christmas otherwise it could easily become one
of my favorite green teas if it wasn't a dud in the pot and needed a
green card.