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Scott Dorsey wrote:

I have seen some commercially made that used real bergamot oil and some
which used a bergamot+neroli oil mixture.

The East India Company's Staunton Earl Grey uses bergamot and neroli
oil. I've never seen any other brnd that used neroli oil, though. The
Stauton Earl Grey is quite good, but I like Twinings better.

It _would_ be interesting to know what the original Earl Grey tea was
like. I don't think we'll ever know today, though, because I think the
orange oil used is probably unavailable. Bergamot is a reasonable
substitute to my mind.

It's very possible that whatever was used to scent the batch that was
given to the second Earl Grey was not available in England at the time,
so bergamot might have been the closest thing they could obtain. But
there's no reason to think that Twinings and Jacksons haven't been
using bergamot oil from day one, is there?