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Sheldon wrote:
JeanineAlyse wrote:
Robert Sparkman wrote:
Hello All,

Does anyone have a recipe for gritted cornbread?



Basically, gritted cornbread can be made with any cornbread recipe or
mix, it's the addition of days-old, somewhat dried out corn off the
cob that is added to the mix to give it the "gritted" attribute.
Grate the corn off the cob using a common grater's largest holes.
Try using a six to six: six or so six days off the plant cobs for
grating into a boxed batter (like Marie Calendar's) before setting
the batter to bake.

Total nonsense.

Actually where the OP says "gritted" he means coarser mealed
cornbread.... simply substitute part of the fine ground cornmeal in
your favorite recipe with medium ground cornmeal (I do 1/2 n' 1/2),
which will result in a grittier-chewier product... I much prefer
gritty cornbread/corn muffins too, in fact I detest the cakey/wussy
kind like you typically find in the US south.


Oh dear. You're wrong about the cakey/wussy kind in the U.S. South. In
fact, it's much more likely you'll find cakey/wussy cornbread with way too
much sugar up in your neck of the woods.