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I may do a standard steep (4 grams in 300 ml of water at say 155-165 for
about 45 sec the first time...depends on the tea). But I also at times do
multiple successive steeps and pour them off into a larger glass pot which
will go to my desk with me.

in order to see this it is important to use glass.

Also, good point from pilo...I have assumed it was from cooling because I
don't use a tea light and all my tea cools off...I just assumed it was
because of the lowering of temp. It could be a function of time for all I
know though. I don't reheat my greens in the microwave, though I don't know
what difference that would make if the change had already occured. Unless
the change were a result of something "precipitating" out as the tea cooled
which would go back into solution presumably when the tea was reheated.


"Lewis Perin" wrote in message
"Melinda" writes:

I have noticed this for a while now but never thought to comment on it.
I brew a green, when it's still hot/warm, the liquor is still whatever
fresh-brewed original color was (light green or blue-green or whatever)
as the liquor cools off, it turns to more of a brown or a straw color.
really interesting. I can tell my tea is cooled off by the color.

Hmm, this is something I haven't noticed myself. Maybe I just don't
pay close enough attention, but could you describe how you make green tea?

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