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"Melinda" wrote in message
I have noticed this for a while now but never thought to comment on it.

I brew a green, when it's still hot/warm, the liquor is still whatever

fresh-brewed original color was (light green or blue-green or whatever)

as the liquor cools off, it turns to more of a brown or a straw color.

really interesting. I can tell my tea is cooled off by the color.


I've noticed something similar, but it usually takes hours. I will
occasionally make a pot of green tea in the afternoon at work; I drink the
first infusion that afternoon, then make a second infusion and leave it till
the next morning. Even after reheating it in a microwave I notice that the
color usually has darkened and the flavor has changed. In some cases it
seems more "oolong-like", and I attributed the change to slow oxidation

Some teas seem to benefit from this treatment - I've had Darjeelings that I
thought improved the second day. Others, like very fresh greens, seem to
lose their brightness (no surprise, I guess). Most black teas seem to show
little discernable change, which favors the slow-oxidation theory.