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Akak wrote:
: "The Nest" - Lake Arrowhead, CA / inside the Saddleback Inn

: We nicely asked the owner if they could talk to a family when their
: child at 8:15pm in a 4-star restaurant began to cry and scream non-stop
: to go home. The owner refused to speak to the parents and instead asked
: us to move. Because we were already through the first 2 courses, and
: half a bottle of our own wine, we decided to move to a loud part of the
: restaurant. The romance was ruined and I was upset! I refused
: compensation, because the owner was in the wrong. When the $86 tab
: came, she didn't even knock off the $10 corkage fee.

: Did I miss soemthing here?

The proprietor should have compensated for the inconvenience.

Myself: I would have made a comment to the owners of the child.

Unfortunately, you were in a "no win" situation.