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Wayne Boatwright
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On Wed 06 Jul 2005 08:54:33p, jmcquown wrote in

Damsel wrote:
"jmcquown" said:

Robert Sparkman wrote:

Does anyone have a recipe for gritted cornbread?

Could you describe it better than that? No idea what "gritted"
cornbread is.

All I could think of is cornbread made with part cornmeal and part


That sounds awful! Unless the grits were already cooked, then it might
be okay... (doubtful)


Actually, Jill, it's pretty good. I was short on cornmeal one day and
needed a full pan of cornbread. I cooked enough stone ground grits to
equal 1 cup cooked. Mixed that with 1 cup of stone ground cornmeal and my
usual ingredients. It had a great texture and was incredibly moist. Happy
accident. :-)

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