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When I looked right after she bought it for me, they didn't have it listed
there. I wrote to them and they refered me to their outlet in the United
States. But neither gave me any information about the type of tea it was.
Thank for the heads up, I didn't think to look again to see if the site had

"Joanne Rosen" wrote in message
i did a google search and viewed tea on their website-
it is a china tea and costs 14 euros-
"Anna" wrote in message
My daughter bought me some tea and I don't know what kind it is.
Here's what is on the can
Jardin feng dai hong
sold in a green can with purple flower and leaf pattern. The company is
Hediard of Paris France.
Can anyone tell me something about this tea? It smells so good and I like
it so well. As you probably have guessed I don't know much about tea.
Thanks in advance