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Mike Petro
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Alex Chaihorsky wrote:
"Mike Petro" wrote in message

Sure, let me preface this by saying that I am not an oolong aficionado
by any stretch of the imagination. YMMV

It was sweet, nutty, somewhat fruity, and somewhat toasty. It brewed
up an orangish tan. I got a solid 8 steeps out of it.

It is nice for a change of pace but is not your typical oolong.


Thanks, Mike.

Did you gongfu it? Does it have any wonderful fragrance? I enjoy a good
fresh oolong once in a while but only gongfu style and only for its
fragrance, not its taste. Shui Xian is an exception.


I used 3.1g of tea in a 5oz gaiwan. I used techniques and timings
similar to a gongfu session. It was mildly aromatic but I did not use
the smelling cup like you typicaly do. I didnt want to put it in one of
my yixing pots either since it looked so different than any other

I am convinced it is a coating. The leaves look like they were probably
rolled first and then coated in some manner. After several steeps you
can see the coating break and the leaves expand a bit but the leaves
dont ever really unfurl.