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Monsur Fromage du Pollet wrote:
|| Jennifer wrote on 30 Jun 2005 in
||| My local supermarket had a sale on Sea Bass this week... and
||| I
||| found this recipe.
||| This was dinner tonight and it's a keeper!! You can also
||| sub in
||| monk fish or tilapia.
|| Fish tonight for me too.
|| I did artic char (on the grill...a little salt and pepper and
|| a light drizzle of Ciclon (a rum, tequilla and lime mix...
|| booze sold in a bottle), about 20 minutes before grilling.
|| Similar to salmon fillets (but not farmed).
|| I also grilled zucinni slices and large button mushrooms
|| too...brushed with a Italian styled vinagrette while
|| new 1ac results in....down from 5.7 to 5.5
|| so I celibrated. ldl's still a little highish & hdl's
|| lowish though....something for me to work at. I'm finding it
|| hard to get those good. But all in all a little better than
|| last test.
|| --

Sounds good, and congratulations on the A1C

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