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Default Consequences of Non Vegan Food Eating

To Whom It May Concern:

I may be a newbie to this group but CERTAINLY not to Vegetarianism and being

What do I notice the most ESPECIALLY about MEN who eat meat and dairy
products and then sweat before bathing?

1. Their feet usually bear an abnormally horrid odor that is NEVER present
in the athletic feet of my Vegan friends.

2. Whenever a meat eater or dairy product consumer uses my bathroom,
although the odor left behind is usually acceptable to them, it is generally
not an OK smell, resembling dead decomposing rotting tissue and animal
matter. I refuse to use an air freshener after one of them finishes in the
john because then my house begins to smell like a sewage processing plant
which is even worse then the odors they left behind in the first place.

3. General body odors, (digestive gas [i.e. burps, farts], perspiration,
secretions) generally all smell worse from meat eaters then Vegans.

That is just PART of the reason why being Vegan is OK for me and OK with me
and has been for a long time.

There are ethical reasons of course for being a Vegan and nutritional ones,
however the above is from a casual social viewpoint and that is my own.