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Hey worth a try maybe ask around at good resturants around town I think
I heard of some one who tried cayenne infusing

Adam Hunt wrote:
> I can't remember where exactly but sometime recently on the Idiot
> Box(tm) I heard about horseradish infused vodka. I'd never really
> thought about infusing my own vodka but horseradish just sounds too
> good to pass up (I love horseradish). Can anyone give me any pointers
> on how best to do it, how much horseradish to use, etc.?
> Another option would be to use fresh wasabi. I happen to live near one
> of the few (as far as I know) places in the States that grows real
> wasabi, Pacific Farms in Eugene Oregon (
> I was wondering if anyone had tried infusing vodka with wasabi and if
> there was an appreciable difference when compared to horseradish.
> Any pointers would be greatly appreciated.
> --adam