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Alex Rast
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Default Guittard gourmet bittersweet

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(Blake Jones) wrote :

>I realized on Thursday that your description of a chocolate that had
>very few other components detectable rang another bell with me: the 74%
>Bitter Dark Chocolate bar from Mes Recettes de Provence.

This is probably Nestle's 74%. Most companies buy their chocolate from
large manufacturers, since chocolate machinery is very capital-intensive.
With a name like "Mes Recettes de Provence", suggesting a small company
certainly not exclusively focussed on chocolate, and given that I've not
heard of them before, I'm making the educated guess that they use Nestle's

As you say, Nestle 74% does indeed taste very intensely chocolatey. As a
result, and as you might already guess, I rate it among the very top
chocolates. It's humourous: there are a fair number of artisanal chocolate
makers in Europe as well as the USA struggling to produce absolutely top-
grade 70%-class bittersweet chocolate, and yet most of them fall short of
corporate giant Nestle's offering. It also proves that corporate size isn't
an accurate predictor of quality - a large industrial concern can produce
fabulous chocolate as readily as a small artisanal chocolatier can produce
underwhelming chocolate.

Alex Rast

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