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My metro area has a large Vietnamese population catered by Chinese and
Vietnamese stores. When I see the Vietnamese tea selection it is like
the first time I saw Chinese teas. They have their own nomenclature
with corresponding Chinese tea characters. I have a tin of Thai Nguyen
$4/150g with dark green twisted whole leaf. The selections I see are
packed in Hong Kong. Hedley's Tea is Vietnamese packed in Ceylon.


DPM wrote:
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> > There's a Vietnamese green that's decidedly above commodity level
> > called Thai Nguyen. I believe you spend some of your time in DC; you
> > might check Teaism, which has carried it in the past.
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> My son-in-law's father (who is Vietnamese himself) gave me a tin of Thai
> Nguyen just last week. It is a very nice green, and although I've had Wuyi
> and Liu An's that I thought were better, this is good stuff.
> Regards,
> Dean