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Default Sloping bread

"Ingrid" wrote in message
Hi all,
I wonder if anyone can solve a problem for me please? We use a Panasonic
breadmaker (SD253 model) and it has baked beautiful loafs. Just recently,
the loaves are sloped - higher on the left than on the right, and always

this manner. 1 out of 4 loaves is fine, but the other 3 are sloped. I have
asked Panasonic what the problem is - they suggested a service of the
machine. we did this and it made no difference. The chap who serviced our
machine suggested I add 10 - 20mls more water. I did that, and it made no
significant difference either. I also don't want a soggy sticky loaf, so
this is now down to guesswork and hoping like crazy it will work! Any
suggestions please?

That happens to me when I bake in my small convection oven and the item is
too large to allow the turntable to spin. The side towards the heat sets
faster and is shorter. Maybe you bread machine has a intermittent problem
with a heating element and one side of the pan in hotter.