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Default Bread machine with these features?

I got a bread machine for Christmas some years back. (verticle) I WAS REALLY
EXCITED! There were a coupla' different mixes and It made bread (FRESH) and
everything was fine. Bread at Christmas... Newyears... Easter... (Holidays)
anyway It was (is) a Westbend... It sat on the shelf in the cabinet behind
the "electric Wok", the Rice cooker, the Electric skillet, the electric
Fryer... You get the picture.. I just didn't like the loaf asthetics. I
didn't like the shape of the loaf or where and how it was browned, But the
bread was good... But the mixes were expensive... So, I read in here 2 or
3 yr. ago about Pizza dough and making it on the Dough cycle... Ever since I
have used it to make all kinds of breads! Got books etc.
My point is, Don't just jump out there and buy something that'll sit on the
shelf waiting for you to get back to it. I always find almost brand new
bread machines at garage sales for $5.00!

"Todd K." wrote in message
I'm new to this bread machine thing. From what I've read and heard
from other people who have one, a horizontal pan with 2 kneading blades
is the best. There seems to be very few currently on the market with
these features. Also, being my first machine, I don't want to spend
much more than $100 on it. Here's what I've found so far

Zojirushi BBCC-V20 $200. The Cadillac..but its too expensive.

West Bend ???model number???. I don't know if this one is even still

So is the $200 Zoji the only one available now? Can anyone tell me why
I don't need a horizontal with 2 blades?


Todd K.