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Dear Bubbabob,

Your comment about Vietnamese coffee was true in the past. However,
after US has lifted the embargo in 1995, with the help of US and
Vietnamese overseas, Vietnamese people have gotten back on their feet
and done the right thing for their coffee. The quality of Vietnamese
coffee has improved substantially since then. Vietnam now is 2nd place
in exporting coffee after Brazil. Please give this war-torn country a
chance. :-)

You may be right about the mix of chicory and coffee will produce a
goof cup of Ca Phe Sua Da. Nevertheless, it is a personal preference,
and the art of coffee is how to produce good coffee from pure coffee.

You are right about the words "Ca Phe".:-). As you may know,
Vietnam was under French's domination for 100 years. The word
"Caf=E9" is borrowed for commercials' purpose. :-)


Coffee Lover