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Andy wrote:
"jmcquown" wrote in

At least I *hope* I can do this. Thunderstorms are moving in and for
all I know at this point I'll be eating cold canned beans for dinner.

That sounds delicious. It's great that you improvise so well. I can't.

I've had almost 30 years to learn how to improvise

Anyway, maybe add a splash of wine to your sauce?

I would if I had some... darn, I knew I should have bought some wine! But
then I'd have drunk most of it, except for that cup or two, and then dinner
would be put off until tomorrow, electricity or not. G

It just occurred to me I could add some broccoli florets (from frozen) too,
and I even have some carrots (fresh) I could grate and saute with the
broccoli and add to the pot. I'm not a huge fan of carrots but they do add
colour and if they aren't in big chunks I don't mind them.

Put out the fine china, get the candlabras out and the good flatware
and have a great candlelight dinner!

EEEK! Then I'd have to hand-wash the china! What are you, some kinda nut?!

I'm having a whole roast chicken using the giant corn-cobb holders
method. [sigh]


You mean a rotisserie? I don't have one of those. But oven-roasted chicken
is one of the few ways I like it.