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Wayne Boatwright
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On Thu 12 May 2005 03:47:08p, Nancy Young wrote in

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One time on Usenet, "Nancy Young" said:

Please forgive me, but I have to laugh.

They are advertising their dessert, tunnel of fudge.

Doesn't that crack anyone up, so to speak?

OMG! Did their marketing department even think about that one for a
moment? That's truly awful... :-D

I do not know whether to be pleased or embarassed that I get it.

What can I say, I'm given to word games such as double entrendes.
It made me laugh. Just a little joke.

nancy (don't anyone give me a hard time about my spelling)

Did I miss something, or have you really never heard of "tunnel of fudge"
as a dessert?

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