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Here are a couple of roasters that I am looking at for home use. Does
anyone have any experience with these? Any other recommendations?


Been home roasting for about two years in a HG. Roasted my first batch of
Tan Peaberry in an iRoast today. iRoast is the way to go.


Only problem is that iRoast is made by the notorious Hearthware company,
the outfit with a consumer service record in the toilet. You better
hope you never have a problem with that machine, even DURING the
warranty period. Once Hearthware's got your money, they won't talk to
you. And if you miraculously succeed in getting them to return your
calls or emails,and you get them to replace the inevitably defective
unit before its warranty ends, remember that the warranty clock on the
replacement unit is the same as on the unit it replaces: A new unit
does NOT restart the warranty clock. And when that replacement dies,
expect them to offer you an insultingly paltry discount on yet ANOTHER
unit, as shabbily engineered as the two rusting in your garage.

Been there, done that, looking for more reliable alternative, and an
answer to the age old question of how Hearthware stays in business!