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Charlotte L. Blackmer
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Dog3 wrote:
(Charlotte L. Blackmer) typed this gem in

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Christine Dabney wrote:

I roast it at 400 degrees. The brown crispy bits are just wonderful.

I toss the florets (sliced if needed for that extra brown crispy
surface ... yum) in a little olive oil, juice one lemon over them and
toss again, then salt and pepper. 400 F oven for ... 15-25 minutes.

I've been eating it regularly since I learned about it and I don't
even much like cauliflower.

Cauliflower was on sale yesterday at Dierbergs. I bought 2 nice sized heads
and roasted one of them. I roasted them as you did above and they were
delicious. The SO even had 2 helping and he is NOT someone that likes
cauliflower unless it is buried in a cheese sauce. I am pleased, I have
found a way to serve it more often. Thanks all for the ideas and tips.

Michael thinks the crunchy bits on the cauliflower were fantastic

I usually eat the whole head. By myself. In one sitting.

I think the lemon counteracts the cabbagey taste that boiled cauliflower
gets. (I'm not a big cabbage fan.)

If it's "supper" I might grate some Parmesan over it, but it's optional as
far as I am concerned.