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"Monsur Fromage du Pollet" wrote in message
Sarah wrote on 18 Apr 2005 in

I saw a conversation the other day about how delicious roast
cauliflower was, well I've baught a cauli, but now what? Do I
break it into florettes or roast it whole? What about fat/liquid?
Brush with butter or put some stock in the bottom of the roasting
tin? Help please! Sarah

I cut it into florets and toss it with canola oil and a pakaged taco
seasoning pouch.(the oil makes the spices stick better).

I spread it out on a cookie sheet and bake it at 400F (preheated oven)
for about 30-45 minutes or untill I like the colour it turned.

Some people prefer slices (not me).

No Bread Crumbs were hurt in the making of this Meal.
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Well the roast Cauliflower went well, the crispy bits were great, going to
try Katra's mashed one next it sounds delicious!