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Raj V
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Michelle in WA state wrote:

Just curious: What kind of texture are pralines supposed to have?

I have a box of 'em here, "Kate Latter's" brand, that came -- with
attendant regional fanfare -- from New Orleans. Maybe I've never had
pralines before (except in ice cream or something), but for some reason I
was expecting something quite different. These are basically disks of
fairly crystalline light-brown sugar with a few pecan pieces in 'em.


Yeah, I don't care for those crystalline things either. Though you find
mostly the crystalline kind here in Houston, the one's we like are carmely
and chewy with more pecans than candy. They taste like the pecans have been
toasted before being added to the candy mixture because they have a
wonderful pecan flavor. Sorry, I can't remember the brand.

Raj V