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Priscilla Ballou
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Ian & Hilda Dedic wrote:

Priscilla Ballou wrote:
Thanks for your response, Roy. Emma's my niece, not my daughter, but I
just translated those sentences to match. ;-)

This first bread baking will be with Emma assisting and observing. More
active participation will be as she wants. I'd given her the options of
cookies or bread for this weekend, and she said bread because she'd made
cookies before. "I've never baked bread before," she warned, and I
assured her that I wasn't relying on her for expertise, I was simply
offering a chance for her to learn how to do it. That met with firm
approval. I generally offer and accept what she chooses. I have some
really good goop for burns, just in case. Her mother is the
over-protective one. I'm more of the "the kid's going to have to learn,
and I'll inform her and then be there for her when it hurts" school.

The recipe matters because I NEED A RECIPE, but I guess I'll go to Joy
of Cooking. ;-)


my daughter Sarah aged 10 and a half has taken to
baking cheese bread plaits all by herself! by hand, from scratch here's
her recipe, sorry if it's a bit late.

They turn out very well and she likes the braiding bit, but not the


White Cheese Bread Plaits


675g white flour
450ml lukewarm water
2 tea spoons salt
2 tea spoons yeast
1 table spoon sunflower oil
1/2 cup grated cheese


1.Measure out flour into a bowl.
2.Add salt and mix thoroughly.
3.Add yeast, stir and make a wide, deep well in the middle.
4.Pour water and sunflower oil into the well, gradually drawing in the
flour from the sides until it is smooth and elastic.
5.Add cheese and mix until it is hard to tell the difference between the
dough and cheese.
6.Knead the dough to bind the ingredients together properly.
7.Split the dough into three lumps and put two aside.
8.Split this lump into three and roll each ball into a sausage shape.
9.Lay the three rolls beside each other, carefully plait them and
squeeze the ends to keep it together.
10.Repeat this shaping process on the other two balls.
11.Once you have made the three plaits, lay them on a tray over a gentle
heat and leave them to prove for 40 minutes.
12.After proving, the plaits should have almost doubled in size.
13.Put the plaits in an oven at 220 degrees celsius for 35-40 minutes or
until well risen. You may need to bake for a shorter time depending on
your oven)

(Our fan oven only takes about 20 minutes I suggest you keep an eye on
the loaves to prevent burning

14.Leave the bread to cool for about 10 minutes, cut it open and enjoy!

Wonderful! Sounds fun and yummy. I'm going to save this for a future
baking exercise.

Thanks! :-)

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