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Bob (this one)
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Damsel in dis Dress wrote:

> "Bob (this one)" >, if that's their real name, wrote:
>>Damsel in dis Dress wrote:
>>>Do any of the rest of you have similar problems with certain products being
>>>impossible to find during holidays?

>>Yes. Yak cheese. Lion loin. Sea slugs. Everyday things like that...

> Want me to mail you some sea slugs? They're in every seafood department in
> Minnesota stores.

I appreciate it, but when I couldn't find them locally, I changed the
menu and got everybody's approval. Slugs out. You know, if they aren't
very fresh... well, you know.

Oh, and I did find the yak cheese. It's like a greenish Gouda like you'd
expect and has that grassy flavor that so marks Tibetan foods. Should
make good grilled cheese and durian sandwiches.

Pleasantly surprised to find some barracuda in the seafood case. Thought
I'd do a nice escabeche with it. Jellyfish garnish.

Should be some holiday meal. Appreciate your looking out for the slugs.
I'll return the favor someday.