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Dick Adams
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"Repeating Rifle" wrote in message

Krusteaze sells six-packs of assorted bread mixes.=20
This time, I took one of those packs, cracked wheat,=20
to bake sourdough bread.

Again I used all my starter and prepared a new batch.=20
The instructions called for 1 cup of water, but I added=20
an extra 2.5 fl oz for the flour already in my starter.

So you are using your starter to make SD from Krusteaz=20
cracked-wheat BM mix? Did you know that Krusteaz
is selling BM mixes that already make SD?

Moreover, I put the starter in my refrigerator before the=20
flour has been fully eaten.

Who is eating the flour?

With you mentions of Krusteaz mixes, you are making us nostalgic
for "Billy Fish" AKA "Fishy Bill" who posted at r.f.s. about Krusteaz
BM mixes in bygone years. Perhaps you would be interested in=20
searching out some of his posts in the Google archive?=20