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Damsel in dis Dress
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Wayne Boatwright >, if that's their real name,

>On Sat 26 Mar 2005 10:57:52a, Damsel in dis Dress wrote in

>> All that was left was the can of Wilderness lemon pie filling. There is
>> none to be had in this entire booming metropolis. I can only conclude
>> that the people in this community all make lemon pies for Easter.

>Jell-O has a boxed lemon pie filling. Could you use that? I'm not
>familiar with te Wilderness filling.

I would imagine it would probably work, but I didn't want to experiment for
a holiday meal. I mean, we may even clear off the dining room table
instead of eating on the couch.

>> Do any of the rest of you have similar problems with certain products
>> being impossible to find during holidays?

>Can't remember specific items, but yes, it has happened on occasion.

Hope it hasn't left you in a lurch.

>> As promised:
>> * Exported from MasterCook *
>> Creamy White Frosting

>I put this frosting on the Hershey's Perfectly Chocolate Chocolate cake.
>It's really good!

That's exactly what we did for Barb Schaller's birthday once. Actually,
Crash made the cake for her. It was absolutely wonderful. And it has the
added benefit of not melting in high temperatures (it's magic).


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