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Melba's Jammin'
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In article >, kalanamak
> wrote:

> Melba's Jammin' wrote:
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> > (Victor Sack) wrote:

> >>4 large beetroots

> >
> >
> > Stop right THERE, Bubba!
> >
> > Rob wouldn't eat it -- he won't do coriander (when you say a bunch,
> > may I safely assume you're referring to what I would call cilantro?
> > If not, clarify, please. Danke.)

>Substitute all Italian parsley, and for the beet, dice and steam a
>garnet yam (not too mushy now). Sounds goot

He won't eat sweet potatoes/yams, either. :-0( More for me. I've
been cooking a yam for myself maybe once a week or so for the last
couple three weeks. I love them. Thanks for the thought, though.
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