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Ed Grabau and Pam Jacoby
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"Puester" wrote ...
> and one of our apricot trees is in full bloom. I took my grandson
> out int he yard to see it yesterday and it was glorious, every branch
> lined thickly with blossoms, and bees all over the place.
> So it's snowing and the temperature is dropping rapidly. That's a
> good sign that there won't be any fruit on the trees this year, either
> so I'll have to buy fruit for jam. Dang. I don't think we've had a crop
> since 1998.
> gloria p
> from the Colorado Front Range Arctic

Whereabouts in Colorado are you? Ed and I just bought a house in Woodland
Park, and we need this kind of information re plant life. We love to dig
holes and plant flowers. If, however, we're going to lose perennials on a
regular basis, it's hardly worth the effort.