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Chris Neidecker
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>> Don;t expect to get much fiber from couscous - after all it's just pasta
>> made with white flour.
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>> Peter Aitken

> I'm thinking the same thing Barb .. there are 2g's of fiber per serving.
> Try barley ...

Barb mentioned that she was using whole wheat couscous from Trader Joe's. I
just bought a box of the same from TJ's today, and it says that in a 1/3 cup
serving, there are 7 grams of fiber. Not bad!! For some reason, whole
wheat couscous is not as yucky as other kinds of whole wheat pasta --
however, I have found that I need to use it up quickly, or else keep it in
the freezer...if I leave it around for months, it tastes kind of off. (If
anyone knows a brand of whole wheat pasta that is *really* tasty, please let
me know!)

(Trader Joe's story: Ok, the sample du jour at TJ's today was rack of lamb
w/ some salad on the side...ordinarily, that would be a very nice sample,
but once I had that first bite of meat in my mouth, I remembered that it's
Good Friday! I had to chuck it....but it was a wee bit overcooked,

Back to couscous -- Barb, I love the salad ideas that are rolling in! I
think the green onions and chicken and some almonds sound wonderful with the
couscous, and you could use the clementines to get rid of them, and maybe
next time, try some snipped, dried apricots. Let us know how it is! The
Greek chicken/couscous salad sounds delish, too.