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Monsur Fromage du Pollet wrote:
> "kilikini" > wrote in
> :
>> Petey the Wonder Dog wrote:
>>> Can someone recommend a Tortilla Maker for 12" tortillas?
>>> I like to use them for sandwich wraps, and want to make my own
>>> varieties and flavors.

>> What I don't get is a quesadilla maker. I mean, hello. How hard is
>> it to take a tortilla and add cheese to it on a hot skillet? I
>> seriously don't get it.
>> kili

> Hey! I got one so Shut-up!! I take it to work for quesadilla Fridays.
> works fine also for grilled pocket sandwiches.

Well, okay, if you don't have any other way to heat up a tortilla. I
heartily apologize, sir.