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Julian Vrieslander wrote:
> The concoction that I made tonight was actually a snap to prepare.
> Heat some peanut oil in a large pan and saute a salmon fillet until it
> is beginning to brown. Flip it and brown on the other side. Remove
> salmon from pan and keep it warm in a low temp oven.
> Return pan to the stove and add a dollop of Thai red curry paste (you
> want measurements, go read a weather report). Spread the stuff around
> and let it cook for a couple of minutes. Then slowly add coconut milk
> (I used a low fat variety), stirring constantly, until the sauce has a
> thick but fluid consistency. Add sugar to taste, and maybe a splash of
> fish sauce (we like the Three Crabs brand). I also tossed in a pinch of
> star anise, after grinding it in a mortar.
> Put salmon back in the pan, spoon some sauce over it, cover the pan and
> let it cook on low heat, just until the fish is opaque all the way
> through. Serve with white rice, and sliced scallions for garnish. We
> had Cindy's cole slaw (yes, the one with avocado) on the side. A cool
> cucumber salad would also be a nice balance to the spicy curry.

That sounds delicous...and do-able.


gloria p