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"AlleyGator" > wrote in message
> My daughter is in her mid-teens, and has tears in her eyes because she
> has an earache, which I don't even remember her ever having as alittle
> kid. She's almost never sick, so she doesn't handle this stuff well.
> Since the doctors are all closed, a friend who is a nurse-practitioner
> gave us a 3-day regimen of some antibiotic and the wife went to
> Walgreens to get something they call "sweet oil" which I figure is
> just glycerine. That, plus a dose of ibuprofen, I figure is the best
> you can do. And the ole' heating pad on the head, of course.
> Honestly, I don't ever remember having this myself. For some reason,
> I think they used to blow smoke in your ear. How this could help, I
> have no idea.

I am sure you're on the way to a doctor by now -

Many years ago we were coming back from a vacation and one of the girls
(very little) had an ear ache. She was in so much pain that she was just
writhing. At that time Sunday night there were just no 24 hour pharmacies
within a reasonable distance. We managed to get the on-call physician and
he asked us what we had in the cupboard (Medicines) As it turned out we had
come prescription cough syrup containing a small amount of codeine. A few
Tablespoons later (I don't remember the exact dose) and a few minutes she
was asleep. By the morning the drum had popped and we were able to get her
to the doctors without any pain.