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Dee Randall
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"Drbob92031" wrote in message
I have a coffe roaster and it says in the instructions that if you want a
darker roast to the green coffee beans turn the automatic timer to a
roast. BE CAREFULL. I did this and the smoke alarms in the house went off.
I do it on the outside patio; at the wife's insistance. She did not like
awakened by the smoke alarms. The coffee was great. But green coffee beans
stink. (smell). Any input from the coffee officinados?

After my husband bought a 100# bag of green coffee back from South America
and by the time I finished roasting it all, I discovered quite a lot about
coffee. #1 was that the darker you roasted it, the more apparent it became
that "dark-roast" is "burnt." They can't market it "Burnt Coffee," so "Dark
Roast" is the ticket. I know, I know, I know -- I didn't know what I was
doing; I'm not sophisticated to like that dark, oiley stuff -- ha ha!

My green coffee did not smell in its green state, but it certainly did in
its burnt state. Yuk!
I lived in Hawaii for about 4 years, and am still drinking Kona, even though
some of the roasters that have little Kona are getting a little dark for my
preference. Dark coffee makes me dizzy! I recall in California in the 70's
when it was "Peet" that everyone was raving about. I didn't think it was
that great, but it was a little better than Starbucks.
(My husband LOVES Starbucks. - I think I've tried all of the other drinks
they have, but am no fan of any of them. Very over-rated and down-right