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Melba's Jammin' wrote:
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> wrote:
>>My daughter is in her mid-teens, and has tears in her eyes because she
>>has an earache, w(snip)
>>For some reason, I think they used to blow smoke in your ear. How
>>this could help, I have no idea.

> Me, neither but SIL's mom used to do it to him and he says it worked.
> My mom used sweet oil and heat, I think. When my son had them, I took
> him to the doc -- ear infections were his illness of choice as a sprout.

My kids, too, at least once or twice a winter from
birth to about age 10. If it wasn't ears, it was
bronchitis. Amoxycillin was familiarly known as
"The Pink Stuff" in our household. I can only
remember once that they were given numbing ear
drops as well as the antibiotic.

gloria p