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amin dada
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"Yavrukurt" >
> Silence GAYson !
> Your tedious repetition only serves to expose your LAZINESS , your
> IDIOCY , your STUPIDITY , and your sheer INEPTITUDE
> Mwahahahahahahahahhar

tiurks r lying.tiurks r the bigest murderers in ioropean history.tiurks
almost kiled Pope.tiurks r smagling dope in ioropa.
das ist how a tiurk iz speakin.only bad language and savajery.tiurks r
barbarians.thats why tiurks r not in eu.tiurks r kilers.u r Al Qaeda
soldier.tiurks r islamistas y eu 4 u anemal tiurks.tiurks r
ioropa enemys.tiurks always kiling kiling kiling