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Wayne Boatwright
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On Thu 24 Mar 2005 05:34:13p, AlleyGator wrote in

> My daughter is in her mid-teens, and has tears in her eyes because she
> has an earache, which I don't even remember her ever having as alittle
> kid. She's almost never sick, so she doesn't handle this stuff well.
> Since the doctors are all closed, a friend who is a nurse-practitioner
> gave us a 3-day regimen of some antibiotic and the wife went to
> Walgreens to get something they call "sweet oil" which I figure is
> just glycerine. That, plus a dose of ibuprofen, I figure is the best
> you can do. And the ole' heating pad on the head, of course.
> Honestly, I don't ever remember having this myself. For some reason,
> I think they used to blow smoke in your ear. How this could help, I
> have no idea.

My mom always used a few drops of warmed "sweet oil" which is olive oil.
It's very comforting.

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