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Steve the Sauropodman
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I'll probably get hammered for this. Having grown up in a Sicilian
household - with a grandfather, and a bunch of uncles who loved
sal****er fishing, and a French great-grandmother, who could whip up a
delicious meal from old newspapers - it seems whether it's called
ciopinno, marascada, bouillabaisse, or just fish stew, is usually made
with whatever the catch of the day might be. I remember fishing off of
Point Pleasant, NJ as a kid and making a simmered fish soup/stew with
fresh bluefish. I still make it today.

Shrimp, scallops and tilapia sound delicious. I'd thin the sauce with
broth, very dry sherry, or a dry white wine - the reisling might be a
bit too sweet. Italian bread and a big salad would be fantastic.
Serve the Three Buck Chuck Cabernet with the meal, or maybe make some
sangria and have a mini-fiesta.

Good Luck