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Cindy Fuller > wrote:

> I was proctoring final exams this week and brought along John Thorne's
> Serious Pig for entertainment. (Watching students grimace over exam
> questions they should know gets old fast.) I found a recipe for black
> beans and rice with rum and decided to try it last night. Bland, bland,
> bland. No scotch bonnet peppers or anything. I had better luck with
> the coleslaw that I improvised with half a head of cabbage, red and
> yellow bell peppers, scallions, cilantro, and a little avocado. This
> was dressed with a mixture of white wine vinegar, olive oil, cumin, and
> (secret ingredient) Maggi sweet chile sauce.
> Cindy

Allow me to be the first to tell you that avocado has no business in
cole slaw. None. Now, back to our regularly scheduled program.
-Barb, <> Arizona vacation pics added 3-24-05.
"I read recipes the way I read science fiction: I get to the end and
say,'Well, that's not going to happen.'" - Comedian Rita Rudner,
performance at New York, New York, January 10, 2005.