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Bob wrote:
> JimLane wrote:
>>And pray tell, what were the natives using for their authentic tacos
>>before the advent of coca-cola? That should be a clue relative to

> Depends on what you call authentic. Are you looking for the way things taste
> at taquerias NOW? If modern taquerias use cola, then you've attained
> authenticity, regardless of the modern nature of the ingredients. If that's
> how you define authenticity, then use the Coke. If you're looking for the
> DIFFERENT TASTE of bygone days, then you'll have to search elsewhere.
> There's a difference between "authentic" and "historically accurate."
> Bob

Hmmm, tacos are Mexican by origin. Authentic means of undisputed origin
(among its many definitions) and coke is US, so a taco with coke is not
Mexican nor a taco nor authentic.

My point of view based on a common definition.